Vssut Robotics

Ped Bachao Ped ka Khayal Rakho

An IOT based project pertaining to smart irrigation system. The project deals in tracking the location of trees/plantation, locating them on Goggle , creating a database with their geospatial reference and proving their present condition like soil water level, air humidity and temperature in their surrounding which will save plants from getting undernourished and eventual death. A web based application was developed in which the user can sign up by means of his/her mobile number and get an OTP verification code after which he will get his location pointed out in Goggle map. He has to click on that location and the co-ordinates of his location will automatically get recorded in the database. A setup consisting of soil moisture sensor, DHT sensor (Digital Temperature and Humidity) was set up near the plant/plantation area. The soil moisture sensor continuously monitors the soil moisture content of the soil. The DHT sensor measures the air humidity and temperature. The most important component of this setup is Node mcu based on ESP8266 Wifi module. It is a low cost chip which provides internet gateway for IOT . The sensor data get updated in the database automatically in every hour. An automatic sprinkler system is installed near the plant/plantation area. It fetches the soil-moisture value from the database in every 24 hour and if the moisture level is below a certain threshold it gets on. Every plantation area is marked by a marker on Goggle map. The user can click any of these markers and get the present conditions of the area thus aiding in plantation monitoring from anywhere any time.